Requiem for a Smear Victim: Clemens Arvay


We mourn the death of Clemens Arvay. What drove this gentle man to end his life at the age of forty-two? What drove a loving father to leave his son behind? Always matter-of-fact and intent on conflict-free debate, attached to nature and music … how desperate must Clemens Arvay have been to give up everything he loved because he could see no way out?

Out of all the name-calling, all the slanders, all the accusations, one word cut the deepest: "anti-semite." This word holds the power to torpedo reputations with a single utterance.

Clemens Arvay, one of the most well-known critics of the Covid shots and Covid policies in Austria/Germany, reportedly committed suicide...people who knew him say it likely had to do with Wikipedia authors and media outlets dragging his name and accomplishment through the mud.

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