Reject the National Day of Remembrance and the Islamic Party of Ontario


Please read the e-mail to Premier Doug Ford requesting that he rejects the National Day of Remembrance and the Islamic Party of Ontario's application. The letter is self-explanatory. We do ask that everyone respond by either signing this letter and sending or writing one of your own.

Russ Cooper from C3RF created a petition against the National Day On 'Islamophobia'. Please SIGN HERE and share.

Dear Premier Ford,

As a Canadian I am deeply troubled over the Islamists unrelenting demand for a "National Day of Remembrance and Action On Islamophobia".

Not only is this an offensive attack against the goodness of Canadians who are being accused of racism, and so called Islamophobia, but the underlying agenda is also part of a massive plan to further silence Canadians and their legitimate concerns over the rising threat of Political Islam. The demand is obviously a strategic step in building on the foundation already laid by Motion M-103 (the Islamophobia motion with no clear definition). The list of Islamic Organizations across the country supporting this agenda is evidence of a powerful growing alliance much like we have seen unfold in Europe and the UK.

Canadians are the ones under attack. The Danforth shooting, the murder of Marissa Shen, the recent explosives at Langara college intended to cause death and destruction, the stabbing of a priest....the list goes on. Please review this detailed REPORT (refer to Part 2 and 3 for a list of crimes and offences against Canadians). The 6 lives lost (tragically) at the mosque shooting pale in comparison to the growing number of lives lost at the hands of Islamists.

Despite this fact the Islamic community are hell bent on demanding January 29th be designated a "Day of Remembrance and Action on Islamophobia".

The Mosque incident was never designated a terrorist attack and there were highly questionable circumstances surrounding the evidence which also pointed to a rival mosque which had been at the centre of other controversies in relation to the mosque effected. Mr. Bissonnette was not permitted a proper trial and the initial report was clear there was a second shooter who yelled Allah Akbar. For the Islamic community to continue to make demands surrounding this highly questionable event is an affront to the sensibilities of all Canadians.

Prior attempts at pushing this agenda for a National Annual Day of Remembrance has been met with an outpouring of opposition. Yet regardless of this, Islamists have gone ahead and presented a Bill to the Ontario Government, Bill 83, in a continued effort to set themselves above and apart from the rest of Canadians.

If there is growing dissent toward the Islamic Community it is of their own doing as they consistently segregate themselves seeking preferential treatment as a special interest group and making anti-Canadian demands.Justin Trudeau made the comment that a Canadian, is a Canadian, is a Canadian so why are Islamists working overtime at designating themselves as more important than the rest of us. Doesn't seem very Canadian to me.

Of equal and growing concern is the Islamic Party of Ontario who have submitted an application of which Deborah Danis, Chief Administrative Officer, for Elections Ontario has stated that the Islamic Party of Ontario has the right to form according to protection under the Canadian Charter. However, the party is founded on Islamic/Sharia principles and political ideologies which are incompatible with Canadian law and values. The party intends to institute Sharia compliance through the implementation of blasphemy law, Interest free economy (Sharia) and adherence to the Qur'an.

According to Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms the Islamic Party is in violation of Canadians right to 'security of the person'. Islamic law and beliefs call for the subjugation of all and to those who do not comply, Islamists threaten death of apostates and non-believers.

Section 7. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of the person and the right not to be deprived thereof except in accordance with the principles of fundamental justice.

The Islamic Party of Ontario is also in violation of Section 1 of the Charter as Islamic law is based on a totalitarian legal system, Sharia, which as mentioned is incompatible with a free and democratic society and instead dictates thought and belief and is therefore oppressive.

Any Party, regardless of who they are, who believe foreign political law and values are above the Host countries Constitution and laws should immediately, without question, be rejected their application. So why is Elections Ontario willing to approve the Islamic Party of Ontario's application?

If the Ontario Government approves Bill 83 and The Islamic Party of Ontario's application, the government will expedite and empower the rise of Political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood's agenda as set out in the Explanatory Memorandum. "a grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and "sabotaging" its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's (Allah's) religion is made victorious over all other religions."

Europe and the UK are clear examples of governments who refused to acknowledge the destructive power of Political Islam and instead permitted it to infiltrate all levels of society and government allowing them to effectively change policies to accommodate Islamic law and practises and in turn facilitate the take over from within.

We must acknowledge and defend the fact that Canada is a Judeo Christian Nation which was inherited through our British Commonwealth and embedded in the Magna Carta. This is the foundation of our laws and values which is a system of governance that sets us apart from totalitarian, communist, socialist and extremist regimes who oppress women and children, dictate thought and impoverish nations. It is the core to Canada's democracy which allows its citizens the freedom to believe, or not believe, without fear of being persecuted.

We have a duty, a right and an obligation to protect it.

I appeal to the Ontario Government to reject Bill 83 and to reject the Islamic Party of Ontario's application and in so doing ensure the protection and safety of Canadians.

I also request that the Ontario Government take further steps in upholding Canadian law and closing mosques and Islamic Centres who pose a National Security threat due to reported ties to extremism and foreign funding. Ontario is a hotbed for Islamic extremism and it is getting out of control.

The new leader of Austria has courageously taken the necessary steps to protect it's citizens. Will the Ontario government do everything within their power to do likewise?

I look forward to your response.

Best Regards,

A Concerned Canadian