Project 1619: When Will Conservatives Stop Begging Nonwhites To Love Western Civilization?


Andrew Roberts is a renowned conservative, Visiting Fellow at Stanford University and Visiting Professor at King's College London, who believes that everyone in the world can be educated to love the democratic values of Western civilization. If only blacks and immigrants were taught to appreciate the immense value of Greek philosophy, Roman law, the Sermon of the Mount, the Renaissance, and the Enlightenment, they "could learn about the best of their civilization, and how it benefited - and continues to benefit - mankind."

Andrew Roberts and conservatives can beg all they want for Western civ courses, but these courses, and any learning that portrays Whites in a positive light, will never be allowed in the race-mixed West that Roberts endorses. Non-whites will respect Whites who affirm the West as "their civilization", not as the civilization of "humanity". Love for the West and promotion of diversity are totally incompatible goals.

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