Profiles in Courage: The Canadian Truckers


Through gentle resistance, the Canadian truckers and protesters inflicted an injury to the principle of authority that awakened the world to the realization that totalitarianism hinges on compliance, showing that We the People must stand up and take back our freedoms from the self-proclaimed "elites" to end our enslavement. Badass tyranny resister Pastor Artur Pawlowski urged Canadian truckers to hold the line, and pilot Greg Hill explained why summoning courage was so pivotal at this moment in history.

And summon courage they did, becoming a catalyst that would spark Freedom Convoys around the globe-most notably in Australia, where the Canberra convoy rose from the ashes of the Australians' despondency and reinvigorated a downtrodden people. In Paris, the police joined the protesters in denouncing Macronian authoritarianism. These demonstrators would not have been so emboldened without the Canadian truckers' example.

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