PPC vote split irrelevant to these 95 ridings


Simple math from the 2015 election shows that even if the winner's vote was split in half, another party could not win. Winners include 33 Conservatives, 58 Liberals, 3 NDPs, and 1 Green. This represents 28% of the 338 ridings. The more votes the PPC get, the more the Scheer Conservatives will realize they had better pay attention to sensible policy.

Righting the Canadian ship requires more than just getting Trudeau off the wheel. A Scheer government with some elected PPC MPs keeping them honest and changing the scope of debate in the House of Commons is the best achievable scenario for Canadians in 2019. Otherwise the Conservatives will stay in the mushy middle with the opposition parties, academics, and much of mainstream media neutering their conservatism and dragging them to the left.

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