Pandemic models were grossly overblown, and it’s time to change course


Since mid-March when draconian shutdown measures were implemented, we have been daily warned of how "expert" modelling has projected a massive pandemic catastrophe within weeks. We were warned that even with the most strict of quarantine controls imposed upon the public, our hospital beds were sure to be overwhelmed, not to mention our mortuaries.

Anybody questioning authoritarian government measures was shouted down as being a heartless monster who wants to kill grandma for the almighty dollar, and the models were referenced as to why.

For over a month now, doomsayers have been telling us that we were but a week or two from becoming just like Italy. Week after week we have been right to the brink of becoming just like Italy. How could we not? Expert modeling has told us so.

The weeks have passed, the numbers are in and the "expert" modelling has proven to be terrifically inaccurate.

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