Once Again On The Wrong Side of History


By Valerie Sobel

Arab Spring, Brexit, North Korea, ISIS, open borders, Paris Climate Accord, election of Donald Trump, military departure from Iraq, funding of Abbas, BDS & Gaza "Protests", Hitler's, Stalin's, Mao's, Fidel's, Bernie's & Hillary's socialism and communism - the left is always on the wrong side of history. And with respect to the horrendous Iran Deal, they walk the suicidal plank of consistency once again.

Courtesy of their religiously held value hierarchy: the prioritization of style over substance. For leftists, no matter the issue, style trumps strategy, substance, analyses, history, evidence and common sense. The Alter of Liberalism has only one deity: the Style God, also known as the politically correct Decorum God. What gets done matters none, only how things look and sound. Process over results. Words over actions. Emotions over thoughts. Silence over a loud moral stance. Popularity over courage. Short-term benefit over long-term gain. Present over future. Weakness over strength. Easy capitulation over gutsy confrontation. Risk aversion over necessary boldness. A planet of craven, faint-hearted entitled talkers.

What has transpired in the last few days is simply astonishing. Like a perfect dance, choreographed by 2 leading choreographers by the names of Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and President Donald Trump, the dance with all of the innovative moves has been a beauty to watch, indeed.

It all started way back on the fateful election of November 8th, 2016. While open-jaw libs were glued to CNN and BBC, POTUS was already on the phone with Bibi planning away. Strategizing to confront two biggest threats to world peace, North Korea and Iran. While the Cult of Stupidity was reading "What Happened", feeling sorry for Comey, and emoting over the latest crass tweet, the two masterminds were discussing how Israel will supply the necessary intelligence on the Iran nuclear program just in the nick of time, in complete sync with the decision to scrap the $150 Billion failure known as the Iran Deal. While feckless Europe was choosing her elegant dress to the prom, Bibi and Donald have already bowed to loud applause for their prize-winning intricate foxtrot, with choreography perfectly executed under precision timing.

So what do we have now?

A completely new world!

Two main players have emerged. We have a President whose ratings keep climbing despite the hateful media. We have Jerusalem as the undisputed capital of Israel, courtesy of Trump. We have 1/2 a ton worth of irrefutable evidence of Iran's nuclear proliferation, courtesy of Mossad. We have Obama, Biden and Kerry with egg on their face. We have the embarrassed, irrelevant, geopolitically dwarfed Europe with the realization that the "US will not protect them anymore", as Merkel pointed out today. We have Israel with hands untied, finally! We have Iran who can no longer sell 1.5 million barrels of oil per day, an annual loss of $35,000,000,000 that they can't put towards the development of their nuclear program. We have very happy Saudis who are ready to do somersaults in the air and bend over backwards for Israel to use their airspace. We have a climbing price of oil, due to curbs in Iranian supplies, all of which will prompt new drilling in Texas and make more of Canadian oil production economically feasible. We have Bahrain and other Arab countries singing Israel's praises and even suggesting that Israel has the right to protect itself (huh? pigs are flying...I see them!). We have Iran with currency obliteration, unable to supply their rials to capital-starved Russia. One IRR = 0.000024 US dollar, as of this morning. We have the futile, innocuous, somewhat defunded UN. We have economically off-the-charts USA with a solid military budget, new record employment rates, billions in new investment, and soaring stock markets. We have North Korea coughing up three Americans in return for nothing! We have Koreas playing in the same sandbox for the first time in 65 years, courtesy of Trump. We have China in our corner actively promoting world interests at the expense of their pocket book. And we have the brutal Kim Jung UN on the dancefloor, tripping over himself (because he's so economically squeezed and in cahoots with Iran) trying to cut in with a big smile on his fat face!

Exceptional, all of it.

And then there is the proxy of Iran called Syria, finally exposed and blitzed on their Iranian military installations. (Lebanon is next). Israel executing most perfect military strikes, eliminating horrendous threats to itself and the world.

The game of optics is even better. As much as Trump's chessboard eventually reveals all its mastery, Trump cannot be seen dancing with Putin. The brain-dead left feeds on style, not substance, and always tries to hang him on their definition of treason. Putin, they decided, is evil, and Trump is his bitch.

What to do? Easy! Send in trusted Bibi. Why not have him fly to Moscow a few times, even attend Victory Day Celebrations, salute the Russian Military, and hear "Hatikvah", the Israeli National Anthem at the Kremlin celebrations....! Who, who, who could've ever thought this was possible? Trump did.

So what did Vlad and Bibi talk about? It wasn't exactly a two-way discussion. It was more a notification: "Look Vlad, Donald and I were thinking, you know we wish you no harm, get your boys out of the way, I'm about to blitz Iran's toys in Syria. You understand me? ....you've got an hour."

And little Vlad did exactly as he was told. In fact, little Vlad is going to do exactly as he's told from now on. Because, little Vlad knows exactly who the big boys are he wants to play on their team. His days of reaping financial rewards from Iran are coming to an end. "Let's try new friends" he's thinking. Vlad is smart. And maybe, just maybe, he can get a few bucks out of it for his capital-starved mother Russia.

. . . who's left? . . . let me think . . . oh yeah, lilliput Europe.

The perfumed, "cultured", dependant-on-the-USA-in-every-way, pretend-ally, who always takes way more than it gives, has an immediate conundrum. With the stroke of Trump's pen 2 days ago, Europe had big decisions to make, all on their own, without the default cover of big daddy's protective ideas and strategies. What's at stake? Billions of Euros and British pounds - good old silver!

Germany with an annual $5 Billion at stake (in revenues from Iran) has a decision to make: Morality or Money? You know exactly what they'll choose. Unless a bit of German math will dictate a different outcome: losses from trade with the US outweigh losses from business with the tyrannical state. They've got 90 days to make the calculation.

U.K. with their banks and export industry, petrified at the possibility of Brexit's short-term economic pain, issued the following statement: "The UK government fully supports expanding our trade relationship with Iran and encourages UK businesses to take advantage of the commercial opportunities that will arise." "Commercial opportunities" with a fascist terrorist Holocaust-denying regime that enslaves, kills and is building nukes! Just extraordinary - three cheers for England! Tremendous fortitude in the uncanny ability to love money at the expense of everything human and sacred. Neville Chamberlain - alive and well!

And then there's France...should we even go there?

Europe can always be relied on to make catastrophic errors that inevitably sacrifice the Jews. This time not 6 Million, but close to 8 Million, predominately Jewish, but also Druze, Bedouins, Christians and Muslims. Europe gave Hitler the Jews then, it will give Ayatollahs the Jews now.

Money or Morality? ....for Europe, it's never a contest. Only this time, the little quiet book-reading Jew is fighting back with shock and awe. So we leave it to Europe to enter the next logical chapter, reverting back to their place of collective comfort...Israel-bashing.

Trump strategized. Israel provided intelligence and execution. Two players emerged leaving everyone else in the dust.

And for the left, "righting the world's wrongs will happen in spite of you", in the wise words of my friend Sandy Retter. "You are on the wrong side of history".