Of Course, 'Activists' Are Thugs


When you elevate "activism" and "peaceful protest" into the noblest thing a young person can do with their life, you are elevating politics and the street show of force into something noble. In fact, of course, politics and protests are best thought of as necessary evils, a way to keep the passions of haters and thugs in safe channels. But our lefty friends are clueless about all this. They only know what they have been carefully taught in Activism 101.

And the right? Well, let us agree that when the left accuses the right of excessive force - e.g., with poor little kiddies separated from parents on the border - we get embarrassed and try to explain ourselves. No one among Antifa or the SJW rank and file is the least bit embarrassed about the use of force in their peaceful protests. Because they are thugs.