Obama’s Christmas Genocide


While the Obama administration backed the Pro-Iranian government in Baghdad and its Shiite militias, it discouraged the Americans who had volunteered to come and help protect Assyrian Christians. Congressional efforts to protect Christians were likewise stymied by the Obama administration and by State Department personnel in the region who refused to act on Congressional mandates.

The Arab Spring brought church bombings and terror to Egypt's Coptic Christians. The Obama administration had done everything possible to prop up the Muslim Brotherhood regime. And its emissary had even warned Egyptian Christians against protesting their own oppression.

Obama illegally invaded Libya to overthrow its government, bringing terror and death to Christians. The regime change operation was conducted to support a takeover of the country by the Muslim Brotherhood and its Islamist allies. And the suffering of Christians in Libya under Islamist rule was covered up by a relentlessly pro-Islamic administration that had no interest in the suffering of its victims.

Middle Eastern Christians endured eight years of persecution and terror under Obama. But now a new era is here. Christian persecution in the region is far from over. But for the first time, there is hope.

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