No Canada Redux: An Election Autopsy


The greatest disappointment was the showing of the newly-formed People's Party of Canada which, despite being led by the only respectable major politician in the country, Maxime Bernier, failed to elect a single candidate. The PPC suffered from lack of sufficient exposure coupled with evident disdain, courtesy of the Canadian media. Many voters had never heard of it and those who had tended to regard it as divisive or racist, calumnies spread by Bernier's political opponents and abetted by a biased debate moderator. The PPC suffered also from the twin curse of intelligence and patriotism. It was prepared to give Canada what it has only intermittently experienced, namely, good government. Economic vitality, balanced budgets, secure borders, rational immigration policy, a brake on multicultural fragmentation, climate sanity, good relations with the U.S. and elimination of censorship are obviously prospects to be avoided like the plague.