National Debate: A Waste of Time


Canadians need not waste their time watching the Canadian national election debate organized by the Leaders` Debate Commission. The results are a foregone conclusion.

The five moderators selected for the English language debate are all women. Three of the five reside in Ottawa, one from Toronto, with only one from Vancouver. No one from the Atlantic Provinces, the Prairies, and the North, break up this female cohort. Different people from different regions have different perspectives and their concerns will unlikely be heard since only those from the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal axis will be asking the questions. The nuanced differences in opinion among the regions, for example, about climate control or the economy are complex and require considerable background knowledge and understanding.

Eastern Elites Run the Show

This choice of an exclusively female panel of moderators should not have come as a surprise. The head of the Leaders' Debate Commission, appointed by the Trudeau government, is David Johnston, who is the personification of eastern liberal elites, as a former Governor General, and former president of a university.

Under the mandate for the Commission, Mr. Johnston selected his seven member Advisory Committee, who predictably, with one exception (Deborah Grey, former Reform / Alliance MP from BC) are movers and shakers from the centre of the universe, ie Eastern Canada. The other members of this politically correct panel of eastern elites includes a university professor, a left-wing progressive activist, two environmentalists (one indigenous, and the other a former NDP MP), a former Liberal cabinet member, and a Court of Appeal judge from Quebec.

Canadian female journalists are from the liberal world of journalism, and are part of the push for feminism. Women who are not feminist are excluded from this "national" debate. This includes most women including non-elite women such as waitresses, hotel cleaners, sales clerks, and immigrant women such as nannies who do not live in or understand the posh world of the feminist. They have quite different interests and concerns.

These female moderators will be lobbing soft-ball questions at Prime MinisterTrudeau, a self-described male feminist. Their questions will be designed to illuminate Trudeau`s "sensitivity" and "concerns" for women (except maybe those women who don't do as they are told, such as Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould, and The Honourable Jane Philpott).

This national `debate` is designed by Liberals to promote Liberals.

Political correctness has gone berserk with this panel. Canadians surely have better things to do than watch these elites at work assisting us to cast our vote for enlightened progressive leaders running in the election.

Real Women of Canada