Michael Moore’s ‘Planet Of The Humans’ Represents Growing Working Class Backlash To Elitist ‘Environmental Left’


Michael Moore has surprised many with his recent 'Planet of the Humans' film, which slams the 'green energy' movement and exposes much of the hypocrisy among the elitist left environmentalists.

Yet, when you look at Moore's career, it's not really a surprise.

Moore's big break into fame started with his film Roger & Me, which showed the horrendous damage caused by GM shutting down the factory in his town of Flint, Michigan. That damage was repeated across North America, including many parts of Canada, as corporations shipped production to cheap labour countries, devastating communities, slashing wages in North America, and hollowing out our manufacturing capacity.

Moore represents what the left used to be, focused on defending the rights of workers, pushing for high-wage secure manufacturing jobs, and believing that infrastructure, production, and job creation were good things.

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