Liberals will either cancel gun ban or get trampled next election


With the petition e-2341 calling for the Liberals to debate their proposed gun legislation and various bans ticking closer to 160,000 signatures, it seems that the gun lobby organizations like the National Firearms Association (NFA) have already won the debate.

Not only has a petition become the most signed parliamentary petition in Canadian history, which the Liberals have grown "concerned" over, and when you see the makeup of the signees, you quickly realize why this petition is bad news for their minority government.

Out of the nearly 160 thousand signatures, 52,103 were collected from residents of Ontario, the one place in Canada that either elects Liberals or ruins their electoral chances if they underperform. Of course, online petitions tend to be challenging to get people to notice and sign, so although out of the total Canadian population, they may seem low, in reality, it merely represents the multiple times more people who are furious with the Liberal's anti-gun agenda.

What the Liberals should have burned into their memories is the absolute collapse their government faced electorally after pushing for the long-gun registry in the early 2000s.

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