Letter to Stephanie Wilkinson, Owner, Red Hen Restaurant


Your bad judgment and political partisanship has contributed mightily to the uncivilized behavior demonstrated by your Leftist constituency. It is shameful indeed and indicative of your rank intolerance that you would discriminate against a public official in any administration. Certainly, you don't care about diversity of opinion and the free flow of ideas. Plus, your actions foster the fomenting of violence.

Radical Democrats of your ilk forget that conservatives and moderates suffered terribly through eight years of Obama's damaging policies and actions: Fast and Furious, the Benghazi debacle, the purging of FBI, CIA, DHS and military training materials on the doctrine of jihad and shariah, the signing of the Iran "deal" that allowed an Islamist terrorist nation to develop nuclear bombs, avoid all inspections of military sites, freely develop ICBMs and receive a cash bonus (from Obama) of $1.8 billion, Extortion 17, the IRS scandal that targeted conservative non-profits, the coercion of the unconstitutional ObamaCare, amnesty and open borders and so much more. (For your edification, the recently republished photos of children in "cages" were taken during the Obama administration and used against President Trump and the infamous girl in the pink dress was NOT separated from her mother as per her FATHER's statements. Fake news Time Magazine admitted as much).

Republicans, conservatives and moderates detested Obama's Leftist, unilateral policies and stone-walling of our constituencies but you NEVER saw any of us turn to violence and do what YOU and YOUR FAMILY did to the President's press secretary!

Go home and study the U.S. Constitution. Pay particular attention to the Bill of Rights. Our Founders were wise beyond your limited one-sided purview of the world.

This is what you want to teach your son about civil discourse in a constitutional republic? Shame on you! As a mother of three successful grown men, I must tell you that you are doing a very poor job. (What will the donning of vagina hats teach your son about women and women's rights)?

Demonstrate some character and apologize to the nation. Invite Trump, his family and his Cabinet for a special dinner as your guests. Do the right thing and be a proud American.

Janet Levy,

Los Angeles