Leftists unironically try to shut down film “Killing Free Speech” (watch it here for free)


Liberty is dying in America, and I (the director of Killing Europe) expose in the new movie Killing Free Speech how the U.S. is going down the same self-destructive road as Europe. The film exposes the radical left's actions to silence free speech and the mainstream media's efforts to shut down any point of view impeding an open-border agenda. From Antifa violence in the streets to CAIR-imposed censorship, to hijab-wearing teachers teaching Islamic values in our schools.

Michael Hansen previously produced the film "Killing Europe" - which the Ottawa Pubic Library prohibited the public from viewing. There is presently a law suit underway for denying free speech. He then made this excellent documentary "Killing Free Speech". He has decided to put this film up for free viewing. I urge you all to watch it and see the truth about where are countries are headed. And make sure to share it!