LeBron's Sensitivity to the Feelings of Maoists


Mao Zedong is arguably the greatest mass murderer of the Twentieth Century, perhaps in history. He easily eclipses fellow left-wing monsters like Pol Pot, Hitler, and even Stalin in the sheer number of corpses he left in his wake.

What LeBron himself may not be well-educated about is the fact that the entire world doesn't revolve around his sneaker contract and the profits that flow from it. He may not understand that the People's Republic of China today is a natural outgrowth of the China which was ruled by the late Mao Zedong; that the nation's ruling party and its system of government remain largely unchanged since the days of Mao; and that the current Communist leadership proudly declares itself to be Mao's heirs, maintains his Leninist dictatorship, continues his military build-up, and cherishes his grand ambitions.

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