Laurier, trading 'free speech' for 'better speech,' proves unspeakably clueless still by Rex Murphy


A year or so after the brutalizing of the young teaching assistant, Laurier's president issues a feeble squeak calling for protection of "the humanity of students, faculty and staff" (that riotous TVO Agenda again) and proposing "better speech" as a presumed antidote to free speech. Areopagitica the piece was not. Milton weeps.

As a footnote, Jordan Peterson spoke in Kitchener, Ont., on July 22, back as we might say, to the scene of the thought-crime. No buildings levitated, no trauma teams were needed or called, lightning did not spike the night sky, security teams spent the length of his lecture playing cribbage, and the "humanity" of all present, I may report, was left unimpaired, and in many cases quite enhanced. Free speech is not better speech. It is the best speech.