Kenney skewers Blanchet, ungrateful separatist


These are the days when the separatist Blanchet tells us the oilsands ... he calls them tar sands ... are condemned. The condemned are executed. They are not bailed out. They are not helped anywhere but to the hanging tree. Premier Jason Kenney is ticked off, especially with Blanchet. After all, Quebec should realize who is the giver and who is the taker.

Quebec gets $13 billion a year in equalization payments. The Quebec government has scooped tens of billions of bucks from money made by the oilpatch in Alberta. Tens of thousands of individuals have come from Quebec to work in Alberta. Alberta supplies almost half of Quebec's oil. In Quebec, there are record sales of SUVs. Quebecers love taking planes southward to vacations. Quebecers enjoy the benefits of the modern industrial economy. That economy is not fuelled by maple syrup.