Katie Hopkins Warns America: Don’t Become Like the UK


Matteo Salvini now says Italy first. The Swedish democrats say Sweden first, and the AFD say Germany first because of you. Because of you, we have this hope and together with these nation builders, we will strive to create places where Christians and Jews can still find a place to call home; a place of refuge. You know, sometimes you may fear for your country. You may fear that all is lost. The noise from the other side can feel overwhelming, but I am here to tell you, all is not lost. It is going to be okay. There is hope. We may be silenced, but we are many; 63 million Americans, 20 million British people, 38 million Brazilians, 3 million Hungarians, 15 million Italians, I could go on and on. And together, we are waking up to the fact that the fight back for our countries is on. We can do this. We have to do this, and we will do this together. We will turn out for 2020. Together, we fight back for America, for our God and for your land. 

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