John Bolton:  The Wisdom of This Choice Is Made Clear in the Panic of Liberals


With one presidential decision, America gained one of its boldest National Security Advisers, and lost one of its best cable news guests.

Roughly an hour after John Bolton, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., was named as the replacement for the outgoing adviser H.R. McMaster, he appeared on Fox News with "The Story" host Martha MacCallum, who was loaded with great questions for a man known for his blunt assessments of the world scene and sharp views on the policies that best serve America.

There is healthy evidence of the wisdom of this choice in the panic of liberals who convulsed the moment it was announced. As John Bolton, the spirited commentator fades from view, I take comfort in the knowledge that if his views and passions will no longer be heard by me, they will surely be heard by the president during what should be a chapter that leads to even clearer evidence that this is an administration serious about the threats of a dangerous world.