Janice Fiamengo on the Fascistic Shutting Down of Her Talk in Ottawa


A free speech advocacy group says it will reschedule a lecture by a self-described "contrarian, anti-feminist, defender of free speech and the right to dissent" whose talk at the Ottawa Public Library was disrupted by protesters on Saturday.

A group of about 20 demonstrators showed up for the planned lecture by University of Ottawa English professor Janice Fiamengo, whose speech was titled: "Is the university about the pursuit of truth or the protection of approved ideologies?"

The talk was organized by Elijah Bedassie, a second-year philosophy and political science major and leader of a group called uOttawa Students for Free Speech.

The protesters, many dressed in black and wearing face coverings, tried to keep Fiamengo from entering the library. When she did get inside, someone pulled the fire alarm, causing the building to be evacuated and the lecture to be cancelled.

Fiamengo called the disruption "outrageous."

"Does no one ever wonder why these ANTIFA brown shirt Nazis get away with breaking many laws without consequence? . . . If it was a Conservative person doing such things..they'd be in the Gulag... WHY ARE THEY GIVEN A FREE PASS??? . . . by Security . . . by Police, Government and the MS Media???"