Jack MacLaren, MPP ejected from the Ontario Legislature for Telling the Truth


Trillium Party of Ontario, Jack MacLaren MPP, made history today. He is the first MPP to ever be ejected from the Legislature in the midst of rebutting his own Private Member's Bill. Jack proves the Government broke the law. He was abruptly asked, mid sentence, to withdraw his comments, Jack replied "You Can't Withdraw the Truth". Way to Go Jack!

This event demonstrates that freedom and democracy are only an illusion in our country today

Jack MacLaren stood firm with his statement that the Ontario "Legislature did nothing to stop the Government from breaking the Law" , by failing to submit a mandatory plan to protect consumers from high Electricity prices. Jack was asked by Acting Speaker, Ms Hoggarth, to withdraw his comments. Jack replied that "You Can't Withdraw the Truth". At that point Ms. Hoggarth asked that Mr. MacLaren be ejected.

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