It’s time for the 'Silent Majority' to stop being silent


Seeing a mob of anarchists, immature entitled brats, intolerant Marxists, and assorted violent criminals put a heavy knee on my country's neck makes me sad...and angry. Very, very angry. Seeing a significant percentage of Americans morph into Comrade Karens, each competing to be the "wokest link," makes me croak "I can't breathe!"

The majority of the "Silent Majority" have earned that moniker because they are supposedly too cowed to stand up for what they supposedly believe. They are the majority but until election day, they stay silent. When their leisure, livelihood, and family are threatened by close-minded fascist thugs, they go along to get along, making their voices heard at the ballot box alone instead of pledging their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to the defense of the nation and ideas they purportedly cherish.

Observing this makes me sick.

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