Is Trudeau’s “Multiculturalism” Leading To The DEMISE Of English Canada?


Never before in Canadian history has a government and its leader advanced the idea that in time Anglophone Canada will be subsumed by Trudeau's chosen Third World Canada.

Consider Comrade Trudeau's recent federal election victory. While establishment continue to wax philosophically regarding the Liberal victory, they omit a critical fact- the Nation of Islam was incredibly successful in terms of the election results.

Literally every Trudeau- favoured Muslim-Canadian Liberal incumbent won their seats in Parliament. MP Ahmed Hussen. Iqra Khalid. Omar Alghabra. Ramoud Ali Esasshi, Majid Johowry, Maryam Monsef, Yasmin Ratansi-every last one of them.

Interesting, eh? As it happens, Statistics Canada informs Canadians that a mere 4% of the national demographic consists of Islamic-Canadians. So how did they "sweep the floor" in the election?

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