Iranians want Reza Pahlavi


The battle against these inhuman oppressors in Iran has been arduous and long. It is the battle of the true sons and daughters of Iran and the rest of mankind. It remains our duty to work our hardest to remove these leeches from power. Today, with each passing day in the Iranian streets, the popularity of Reza Pahlavi is growing. He has solidified his position as the only person who can bring change to Iran. People across Iran call his name daily.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Reza Pahlavi remarked, "We all know that regime change is the ultimate formula." Mr. Pahlavi is a harsh critic of the clerical rulers who have dominated Iran over the last four decades. "[T]hat's what the Iranian people are asking [for]. It's not going to be because the U.S. says so, or the British say so, or the Saudis say so, or the Israelis say so. It's because it's what the Iranian people want."

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