Iranian Liberal MP accused of connections to and payments from Iran’s Islamic regime


The controversy surrounding Iranian-Canadian Liberal MP Majid Jowhari is growing more heated. Jihad Watch has reported in past that Jowhari went so far as to sponsor a petition in 2016 that gained over 5,600 signatures, calling upon the government of Canada to re-establish diplomatic ties with the Iranian regime after the previous Conservative government cut off those ties in September 2012 over concerns regarding Iranian espionage in Canada.

Jowhari's pro-Iranian stance disturbed many members of the Canadian Iranian community who oppose Iran's Islamic regime. They sent a joint letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, stating that they did "not want to be represented by someone [Jowhari] who is 'working in the interest of a foreign country'" and that "he should keep distance from those engaged in crimes against humanity." As reported by the Liberal Richmond Hill news: "Iranian expatriates say they are worried a terrorist organization is being welcomed into Canada and may even be infiltrating the country with 'spies' with support from a local politician."

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