In praise of the ‘Skateboard Hero’


The 'Skateboard Hero', as Ignacio Echeverría has come to be known, used the only thing he had in hand to defend someone he didn't know in a city that was not his own home. It's the definition of heroism - a man armed only with a skateboard standing up to Islamic fanatics armed with knives and a murderous contempt for life, liberty and democracy.

The rise in hatred, even violent hatred, over the past three years hasn't come from Brexiteers and ordinary voters - it's come from nihilistic extremists of an Islamist persuasion, who despise our freedoms and our society. And the people who have stood up to this extremism deserve our thanks and our praise. How about it - a monument to Ignacio Echeverría on Borough High Street, as a thank you for the sacrifice he made in the fight against a neo-fascistic worldview.

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