If a Muslim Imitates Mohammed is He Crazy? 


It is common now after a jihad attack that law enforcement automatically announce the perpetrator is mentally unstable, not a jihadist.For example, in the latest terror attack in Toronto, police stated the shooter Faisal Hussein struggled with mental illness. They say this because they believe it to be true. They believe it to be true since law enforcement only uses Muslim Brotherhood, Sharia-compliant trainers to teach about jihad and Islam. The enemy is training the very people who are supposed to protect us.Are all jihadists crazy? No. If law enforcement officers were trained on the source doctrine of Koran and Sunna of Mohammed (the Sira and Hadith), they would know that Mohammed committed 95 acts of jihad in the last 9 years of his life. They would know that Allah hates the Kafir (non-Muslim). They would know that Allah says over and over to imitate Mohammed down to the very last detail. They would know that to know Islam you must know Mohammed. They would know that everything Islamic State does, Mohammed did himself. They would know that the purpose of violent jihad is to help spread Islam by fear. But they don't know. So, when the police blame mental illness for jihad, it is a peculiar way of saying that a Muslim who is devout and follows the Sunna of Mohammed has a mental illness.The problem is not Islam, but the denial of Islamic doctrine as a motivation for murder by the apologists, elites and the Left. They are the problem. 

Dr. Bill Warner