I accuse Trudeau of abject failure as a Prime Minister


I accuse Trudeau of incompetence, deceit, inefficiencies, unethical conduct, lies, double standard, fiscal ineptitude, veiled misogyny, proroguing democracy, embarrassing Canada internationally, mismanagement ofthe Covid19 pandemic and of course absolute fiasco of the Afghanistan refugee crisis,

Trudeau, the trust fund kid, rose to power solely on his father's reputation, as he himself had no relevant experience or ability or competence to be either an MP (with the worst attendance record ) or PM.

Veiled misogyny

His unjustified and ruthless demotion of Jody Wilson-Raybould for not allowing herself to be bullied into supporting his position in the SNC-Lavelin scandal resulted in her and fellow cabinet minister Jane Philpott's resignation from Cabinet. This scandal belies his platitudes about feminism.

Double standard

Moreover his groping of a female reporter when he was 28, not denied, was dismissed by him; "..I had obviously perceived that she had experienced it in a different way than I acted or I experienced it." Yet the unfortunate but highly competent Denis Fortin lost his position and reputation for an allegation of sexual misconduct from 30 years ago when he was a student. This he denies, yet unlike Trudeau, his reputation and career are toast.

Subrogation of Democracy

I accuse Trudeau of subrogation of democracy in Canada when he arbitrarily closed Parliament and assume a petty third world dictatorship of two with unfettered authoritarian powers to spend billions of taxpayers' $, this from a trust fund kid who never had to balance a family household budget.

I accuse Trudeau of corruption and unethical behaviour and nepotism re: WE charity.

Trudeau effectively prorogued democracy when he prorogued Parliament in August 2020 to end the WE scandal investigations into the scandalous incestuous relationship between the Trudeau family and the WE charity. But Parliament hadn't really functioned with full debates from March 2020. Trudeau "ruled" Canada like a petty third world dictator, spending billions without oversight, or competence, basically "buying votes" for the next election.

International embarrassment

I accuse Trudeau of squandering millions of taxpayers' dollars in a misguided and self-aggrandizement attempt to secure an unimportant seat at the corrupt UN security council during the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic

And who can forget his farcical trip to India wearing a wedding costume. Even more embarrassing are the photos of Blackface Trudeau in his 20's showing up at a couple parties, which made headlines across the world.


Mishandling Covid19

I accuse Trudeau of sacrificing Canada's best interests in his obsequious, ingratiating overtures towards China,

He sent 17 tonnes of PE supplies to China creating a shortage in Canada, partnering with a Chinese lab, CanSino Biologics to develop a vaccine $44 million investment, never closing the border to China, (Dr. Tam stated it was discriminatory and never closed the border at all), awarding a Chinese state-owned Nuctech company contracts to install security equipment at 180 Canadian embassies and consulates world wide and CBSA warehouses, a company considered to be a security threat to the western world.

Canada was in 50thplace for vaccination for most of the duration of the Covid 19 pandemic. Canada was the only G7 country to help itself to a supply of COVID-19 vaccines from COVAX, which is meant primarily for developing countries. Canada was perceived as hoarding as it was already a world leader in vaccine purchases per capita.

Fiscal ineptitude

I accuse Trudeau of massive fiscal failures in squandering billions of tax dollars with CERB and other unscreened, unfettered funding to Canadians and foreign nationals in Canada resulting in massive fraud and artificial labour shortages. Trudeau orchestrated massive CEWS payment of $1.03 billion to rich corporations. While these companies, 68 as per the financial Post investigation (December 7, 2020), were receiving these undeserved handouts these same companies paid out more than $5 billion in dividends. (BCE Inc. Telus, Suncor Energy, Imperial Oil, Extendicare (we know how well they manage LTC residences), Corus Entertainment, Leons Furniture, Yellow Pages just to mention a few)

He extended the CERB payments to October 1, to buy votes for the upcoming election. The result, our economy is not recovering as there is a severe labour shortage. Why work when money flows in to stay home!!! The Canadian economy shrank by 1.1% while the consumer price index was up 3.7% from a year earlier as reported by the media on August 31, 2021 and Stats Canada July 18, 2021.

I accuse Trudeau of jeopardizing Canada's safety, security and public health when he DID NOT close the borders in March 2020 as he had announced he did. There were in fact hundreds of international flights arriving at Pearson each day, i.e. 5 flights a day from China. I had taken screen shots of daily arrival between mid- April to mi-May 2020 of arrivals to Pearson, Dorval and Vancouver international airports after Quebec closed its border to Ontario residents.

Did not Dr. Tam say it was discriminatory to close the border to China?

Unethical behaviour

Trudeau violated the Conflict of Interest Act in the Aga Khan and SNC-Lavalin controversies and was being investigated for his family's involvement with the WE charity when he prorogued Parliament during their conflict of interest investigations. Ultimately regarding the latter, Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion stated the only reason he did not find that Trudeau had violated the Conflict of Interest Act was due to a fundamental weakness in the law - it has no provisions for censuring a politician who creates the appearance of a conflict of interest by his actions. He publicly emphasized there was "a strong appearance of conflict between the Trudeau family's relationship with WE and Mr. Trudeau's duty to make decisions that best serve the public interest."


Continued incompetence and shameful failure!

Truly there is nothing to commend Trudeau during his tenure as PM of Canada but much to condemn.

Julie Taub/Ottawa

September 14, 2021