Hospital, Office and Residential HVAC Systems Spreading Covid-19


Most hospitals, offices and residential towers built today employ common heating and ventilation systems as a matter of course. They're efficient, easy to manage and switchable winter and summer from heating to cooling. It's now turning out, thanks to Covid-19, the whole idea is a colossal mistake.

This shouldn't come as a surprise. Air recirculated through a building passes into and out of each room. Indeed, it passes into and out of each lung of the humans living in the rooms. Keep this in mind when you realize bacteria and viruses are small enough to become aerosolized so they can float into and out of the system like tiny biological bombs.

The National Institute of Health published a report in July 2014 called EHP - Rethinking Sterile: The Hospital Microbiome. It stated HVAC systems are one of the main vectors for transmission of infectious agents between humans and suggested tweaks to building design, such as altering humidity and ventilation systems, could help reduce the number of pathogens in the indoor environment.

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