Hamas and the Jihadist Psychopath


The Jihadist Psychopath possesses absolutely no shame and, in turn, absolutely no conscience. He feels no guilt, remorse, affection, or compassion. He especially does not have any sense of obligation to non-Muslims, nor is he concerned about their welfare. He is, like every psychopath, oblivious to any notion of morality, empathy, or responsibility. It is important to stress here that Islam is, as scholar Mark Durie has pointed out, an actual attack on the human conscience itself, and that it ultimately blunts any feelings of shame and guilt in its practitioners regarding the violence that their texts command them to carry out.

Muslims must feel victimized. The doctrine of victimhood is essential to the survival of Islam. It is the glue that binds the ummah, the entire Muslim world into one nation. Without it they will tear each other apart. With it they direct their enmity at others. As a result, peace with Muslims is impossible because the doctrine of victimhood is fundamental to their faith.

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