Going for Broke, the Canadian Way


It is no surprise that the new budget tabled by Justin Trudeau's Liberals is permeated through and through by the feminist mentality. Writing on LifeSiteNews, Lianne Laurence argues that Trudeau's federal budget "institutionalizes feminism, panders to left-wing interest groups, patronizes women, and is long on ideology and bureaucratic meddling, but short on economics." It includes, among other spending measures, a "feminist foreign aid agenda," as well as "billions to boost women in the workforce," as the Toronto Star reports. One recalls the late Senator Everett Dirksen, who reportedly joked: "A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking about real money."

Indeed, so pronounced is its feminist bent that the budget "appears to have been written out of Status of Women Canada ... or perhaps a campus gender studies course: this is surely the world's first 'intersectional' budget," wrote National Post columnist Andrew Coyne. It is, in his words, merely a "mix of ideological cant and bureaucratic busywork known as 'gender-based analysis,'" rendering us graphically uncompetitive with the U.S. and "any other OECD country."

The problem we have is two more years of Liberal government during which time Trudeau's feminist controllers will inflict as much damage as possible through social justice policy and regulations" (personal communication). The costs will be prohibitive. There are obviously extraordinary women currently working in culture and politics, for example, Nikki Haley, Betsy DeVos and Gina Haspel in the U.S., Anne Cools, Lauren Southern and Valerie Price in Canada, to cite just a few among a glittering continental sorority.