French Say "Non" to Islamist Performer at Bataclan


The movement, led by the father of one of the victims of the Bataclan slaughter in 2015, proved effective: just barely a month before the scheduled event, the Bataclan and Medine announced that, in a "conciliatory spirit" and "respect" for the victims' families, the concert would not take place. While some have called the cancellation an attack on free speech, others are celebrating what they view as the correct decision. Medine will still perform, the statement read, but at an alternative venue.

"Every country has its traditions, but the fundamentals remain," he said. "Organize, and gather others. Write a statement that a maximum of people can sign. Lead the battle of social movements. And then, if the balance of power is favorable, organize rallies, with speeches, videos, and show the determination of the resistance.... The only battles lost in advance are the ones you do not lead."