Freedom Convoy 2022 – Very Important Notice


I received a request from the Freedom Convoy 2022 for Canadians to contact Go Fund Me addressing the rumor that the Convoy is a terrorist movement. Here is a copy of the email I sent them. It also can be used as a template email, if you choose to publish it - or adjust it in places if you find parts of it don't express exactly what Freedom Convoy 2022 stands for.

TO: Go Fund Me:

It has come to the attention of the Canadian Freedom Convoy 2022 that false information is being spread to negate and undermine the purpose of their agenda. Furthermore, this false information has been targeted to encourage people NOT to donate to the truckers through Go Fund Me. This type of propaganda and false information is exactly what has led up to the initiation and formation of the convoy. We the people are taking a stand against this type of deception, and it will no longer be ignored. The truth sets us free.

Be advised that Freedom Convoy 2022 in Canada is NOT a terrorist organization.

This convoy of truckers has been organized to drive across Canada to Ottawa to bring attention to the civil liberties that have been denied under the auspices of COVID measures. Tens of thousands of truckers are facing unemployment due to the Canadian government's stand that they get vaccinated against COVID. Regardless of what one's stand is on the COVID vaccine, the truckers are asserting their right to choose for themselves whether to be vaccinated or not. The Freedom Convoy 2022 is NOT about terrorism, Not about uprising, NOT about violence. It is about truckers uniting to draw attention to the CIVIL LIBERTIES that have been violated by the Canadian government and to raise the awareness of Canadian citizens to this fact. It is, in short, intended to wake up Canadians, and to prompt people all around the globe to closely examine what has gone on in their own perspective countries. Per the stated agenda of the Freedom Convoy 2022, when it reaches Ottawa, all the truckers intend to stay there until either:

  • The current sitting government dissolves and steps down, giving room for new honorable, accountable leadership.
  • All the COVID mandates in Canada are removed permanently and completely.

Canadians and Go Fund Me donors, stand up for the truth and prevail. Do not be deceived into believing the lies and negative mainstream media propaganda that inevitably will follow this very brave Freedom Convoy across the country. Open your hearts, pray, open your wallets... do whatever you can to help. these brave men and women as they represent the freedom and future of Canada.

And to the Go Fund Me organization, I will simply say... stand up for the truth. We are counting on you!

Note: If you agree with this message, send a copy of it to:


2. and to as many people as you can. Let's get the message out, so we can help fund the Freedom Convoy and defeat the violation of civil liberties