Footprints in History Aren't Made Sitting Down


We are proud to share with you this speech by Valerie Price, our National Director for ACT for Canada. ACT for America has helped start sister organizations in 16 countries around the world, including Canada.

She spoke to over one thousand people standing outside Parliament Hill in -17 degree weather! It was so cold her hands were too cold to even turn the pages of her speech. Valerie's speech was in opposition to the globalist UN Global Compact.

This is dedication and patriotism in action and should serve as an inspiration to all freedom loving patriots to stand up and take action.

Freedom was never free. It is earned by the sweat, blood, and dedication of those who cherish it and understand its importance. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It has to be protected and preserved by each one of us.

We are so proud of Valerie and the important work she does in Canada. Please take a couple of minutes to watch this short video of her speech below.

Thank you, Valerie, for your love of freedom and your dedication to the cause. We are so proud to have you as a part of the ACT for America family.