Father opposing child's “transition” violates gag order and citizen journalists reporting his story are being prosecuted too


Last year, a BC father was slapped with a gag order for speaking out about his teenage daughter who was being medically transitioned into a boy against his wishes. The father was prevented by a judge's order from speaking to media, naming any of the doctors involved, referring to his daughter by name or using her female pronouns. At one point, he was even prevented from speaking privately to his friends about what was happening to his family.

One of those citizen journalists is Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson. She joins me tonight in an interview we recorded yesterday afternoon from her home in Vancouver, to discuss how she was summoned by police to appear before a judge to explain why she told this father's story.

However, the man, who cannot be named due to a publication ban, refuses to be silent, even now you're being convicted of "family violence" for defying the gag order.

He's been doing interviews with citizen journalists who are now finding themselves dragged before the courts and being forced to take their videos down.

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