FARMLANDS: South Africa, Crisis, Oppression, Genocide?


Lauren Southern presents the world's first comprehensive documentary on South Africa entitled, "Farmland". She is interviewed by by Jonas Nilsson here and by Stefan Molyneux here about her own documentary regarding the farm attacks in South Africa. 

Also, we present a link to the trailer website below:

Farmland Trailer

Quoting from the trailer website:  

"With my professional production crew, I've spent two weeks on the ground in South Africa meeting farm attack victims, civil war preppers and politicians to find out just what the hell is going on. As well as a 10 part series of reports, we're currently creating the world's first comprehensive documentary covering the country's racial and political crisis.

Never before has anyone taken such an in-depth look at the racial oppression, the political corruption and the long and complex history of one of the world's one-time greatest nations in one full length documentary. We have the footage. We've done the interviews.

I'll be delivering my reports, covering farm murders, government corruption, racial attacks and the drought, here. But behind the scenes we'll be working to edit the documentary. It's an intensive process, and there is still more to do - and more money to spend to get the documentary out. If you'd like to support this project, please share the reports, share this website or consider making a contribution."

A Mini Series

With the documentary in post production, I'll be releasing videos in a ten part series, focusing on some of the stories I've heard in South Africa.

From the intricacies of the methods used in farm killings to the enduring consequences, this series tells important stories from South Africa. Stories of murder, brutality and corruption - but also stories of bravery and triumph.

This series will explore those stories, focusing on the people telling them. Farmlands the documentary will pull all of these stories together and explain how they fit into the wider context of South Africa's racial crisis.

"Farmlands" Official Website >>