Far Left Violence Versus Far Right Violence


What the right is arguing, in part, is that the cultural and ethnic particularities of nations and peoples are being subsumed under the dull economic churn of neo-liberal socio-economics and mass immigration, and this is happening without the assent of the people. We see this in Brexit, Trump, and the rise of myriad right-wing populist groups in Europe. The left seems to argue that such concerns are proxies for racism and xenophobia.

Perhaps what we are seeing is the denial of the legitimate concerns coming from the right which is feeling increasingly isolated and marginalised. Perhaps the folks on the left don't believe that the right has any legitimate concerns, but if that is so, if folks keep chipping at the flint, the tinder box could start to blaze.

Antifa and/or the Revolutionary Communist Party can march and chant their ridiculous slogans and chants, and no violence will be elicited by the right, whereas the opposite isn't the case. I cannot think of an event wherein the presence of antifa hasn't increased the likelihood of violence - and yet they are treated with kid gloves by government and law enforcement.