Fake claims and the "Dodgy Dossier"


A concerted effort is being made to discredit my work and reputation. This is being done by the anonymous distribution of a "dodgy dossier" filled with false or misleading information.

Perhaps not coincidently, this document began circulating just over one month after I filed a formal complaint with the RCMP. This complaint requested an investigation into terrorism funding by a variety of persons in the current government. It is attached to this email.The author or authors of this document clearly have had privileged access to government documents which are not available to the average citizen. The author or authors of this document have willfully put false information into this document.

The author or authors of this document show considerable knowledge of the Government of Canada, the judicial system and the intelligence system. The information presented uses terms, syntax and context common to folks who work in these circles.

The author or authors were also careful enough to put just enough true information into the document to give it some credibility while placing enough lies to attempt damage.The fact that it is anonymous speaks volumes. 

The author or authors lack the courage and expertise to make an actual case against me. While showing some knowledge of the intelligence and judicial systems, this document also exposes that they lack real depth expertise or actual operational experience

Please see the second attached PDF. It will give you some idea of the nature of the "dodgy dossier" and my response to it.

As an aside, it is an unfortunate fact that this type of activity is increasingly common, including inside of government. Rather than deal with information or problems, the intent now is to attempt to destroy the source through ad hominem attacks.

If you have received a copy of this "dodgy dossier" as many others have, please send an email to info@actforcanada.ca

Best regards,

Tom Quiggin