‘Ethnic cleansing’ charge, protest march show disconnect


At Sunday's march organized by Charkaoui's Collectif canadien contre l'islamophobie, I could not help but notice that the front line was 100-per-cent male and the children playing ahead of the line were all boys. Women marched behind the men. It's either provocation or another case of disconnection from the majority's values. Just like chanting "allahu akbar" during a march against laïcité. Or carrying signs with swastikas, claiming Bill 21 is fascist. Discriminatory, perhaps. Fascist? Come on!

If anyone wants a resurgence of separatist politics, go ahead, trash Bill 21. Don't be fooled by the rumours: the idea of separation will never die. It is just sleeping, waiting for a slap in the face by some clueless politician about something the Québécois want very much, like laïcité.

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