Erin O'Toole DELETES Conservative petition to ban Huawei after party hires ex-Huawei VP


Rebel News reported that O'Toole hired Huawei's former vice president in Canada to run the Conservative Party's most important department: research and issues management. Following revelations that Conservative leader Erin O'Toole had hired the former Huawei VP to run the Conservative war room, he has deleted his party's petition to ban Huawei from Canada. Is it a coincidence?

We call upon the government to ban the Chinese Communist Party from operating in Canada. If you believe we should be fighting against the evils of communism, sign your discontent at

We won't accept the Chinese Communist Party having access to everything we say, do, think, read, all of our secrets. We want to ban Huawei from Canadian soil. We want them out.

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