Does the “U.S. Pentagon” know what is in this Koran?


I was surprised to learn that there is a translation of the Koran that is supposedly being distributed by the United States Pentagon. This Koran translation was put together by Dr. Abdul Hye and is available for purchase at the Final Revelation website. Here is the statement from one of the banners at that website:

The U.S. Pentagon distributes our simplified translation of the Qur'an to our service members all over the world. See how this easy interpretation is educating them about Islam.

On this banner is the U.S. Department of Defense logo.[2]

Is the Pentagon really distributing this Koran to military personnel "all over the world," and do Pentagon officials know what is in it?

This map of the Middle East shows 76 towns/locations related to the previously listed prophets, and the countries in which those towns/locations are now located. This map lists modern country names such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Tashkent, India, and Sri Lanka. But the map does not show the name Israel; instead it shows "Palestine."So the Koran that was distributed to military personnel at Parris Island and at the Pentagon contained a map of the Middle East denying the existence of the State of Israel.