Dividing Canada into vote banks, one tribe at a time


On June 21 in Toronto, many prominent Liberals appeared alongside a group called 'Canadian Muslim Vote', where Justin Trudeau himself implied opposition Conservatives were Islamophobic and racist, sending the partisan Liberal Party Muslim tribe into a thunderous applause.

Ostensibly the event was non-partisan. Of course, it wasn't. Two Muslim candidates running on the People's Party of Canada ticket - Tahir Gora from Mississauga-Malton and Hazar Alsabagh from Mississauga-Erin Mills - were not invited, nor was their leader Maxime Bernier. Though Jagmeet Singh of the NDP did fall for the trap and accorded the event an undeserved degree of legitimacy, as did Conservative Deputy Leader Lisa Raitt, who described the moment Trudeau implied Conservatives were racist as "shocking."

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