Dems Forget Soleimani's Plot to Bomb Washington


Think about this for a moment. Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State, Eric Holder was attorney general, and Robert Mueller was FBI director when Iranian general and Quds Force commander Soleimani oversaw the planning of a terrorist attack on American soil that could have killed hundreds of Americans including some of the Washington elites. Yet they plowed ahead on the Iranian nuclear deal sellout, were part of an administration that financed Iran's terrorist ambitions with $150 billion, including a billion and a half in cash dropped on an Iranian tarmac in the middle of the night, then participated in a coup for regime change, not in Tehran, but in Washington, D.C

Soleimani was not reluctant to kill Americans on American soil. Soleimani was the war criminal here and he died the way he killed hundreds of America's young warriors -- without mercy.

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