Dear Prime Minister Trudeau and Liberal Members of Parliament


As we have observed, going back to the time the infamous leader of National Socialist Germany started his rise to power until the defeat of his dictatorship, in the end, he finally chose suicide rather than be held accountable for his evil actions. Those surrounding him were also culpable and knowingly enabled him to do his criminal and destructive work. However, they were ultimately held accountable and history records that they were punished for it. Since the Liberal government has been warned and is ignoring the will of the people, it too, will be held accountable.

Those supporting the United Nations Global Compact are selling Canadians out by letting the UN and foreign nationals determine Canada's immigration and refugee policy, resulting in serious negative consequences for Canadians. These and several other policies included in the Compact will result in the gradual erosion of our democratic system, our safety and security, over-riding the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, including religious freedoms, the right of dissent and free speech which are in conflict with our traditions, values, and culture, while over-burdening our social services, healthcare system, and affordable housing program thus creating long waiting lists for Canadians. In the process, our veterans, seniors, homeless, sick and people in need are being neglected and treated as second-class citizens while unvetted migrants are given international rights and preferred status. All this being done in spite of the strong objections of Canadian citizens.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation consisting of 57 states which has a majority at the United Nations along with 28 Islamized EU countries is unduly influencing the United Nations and is seeking to draw Canada into the European block and separate it politically, ideologically and economically from the North American partnership of the United States and Mexico, all with the help of Globalist activists led by persons like George Soros, the Clintons, the Obamas, Al Gore, Maurice Strong and their open society and environmentalist affiliates.

This betrayal of Canada and its citizens will be remembered in 2019 as we approach the next election. The current Prime Minister's enchantment with totalitarian states like Cuba and China is antithetical to everything Canada stands for and Canadians will express their displeasure at the ballot box while there still is one. Liberal representatives need to realize what has happened to their party and the fact that it has been hijacked by people who do not respect classical liberalism, individual freedoms, pluralism and the equality of all under the law.

It is time for Liberal members of Parliament to decide whose side they are on - that of the UN and the foreign powers that control it, or Canadians who value their sovereignty, Christian Judeo heritage, basic freedoms and their distinct Canadian national identity.

Rob Janssen