Dear fellow patriotic citizens:


We want to take back our country. The Yellow Vest movement is part of it. As this protest spreads across the country - and pay no attention to reports of "infiltration" which you will get in every patriotic movement - we want to be able to hand out brochures along with DVD's of Michael Hansen's excellent "Killing Canada" to all the Canadians who are taking the time to come out and stand for our country. We also want to deliver this DVD to selected Members of Parliament.

You can watch the documentary here for free

Of course, this takes money and since we are not funded by the likes of George Soros, we must appeal to you - every citizen who cares deeply about the destruction of our country and are prepared to fight for everything that Canada stands for.

If you are able to contribute to this, no matter how small your donation, we would be very grateful. 

 You can go here to contribute:

Thank you in advance.

We are nationalists; not globalists. Canadian are united and on the move to make Canada great again!