CRT in Schools: Canadians Would Do Well to Discern the Chasmic Difference Between ‘Equity’ and ‘Equality’


The equity mafia is very clever. The word "equality" does not even appear once in Bill 67, as even a singular appearance might arouse the zombified reader from his or her coma of compliancy. The bill's drafter, MPP Laura Mae Lindo (NDP, Kitchener-Centre), former head of equity at Laurier University, is a cunning student of discourse duplicity, too experienced in radical leftism to make such an amateur error.

The bill calls for teachers and administrators to hew tightly to the guidelines for instructions set down by "experts" in anti-racism, i.e., CRT dogmatists. Such equity clerics rank freedom of speech far lower than the right of designated victims of social injustice not to be offended. Offensiveness is defined subjectively by the victims, an invitation for grievance-fuelled white-bashing.

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