COVID has cost Canadians their freedom. It must be restored 


Canada was in trouble as soon as COVID hit. "Crises are an ideal time for the state to advance into territory from which it will not wish to retreat," I wrote in the Financial Post in April 2020. "In this new era, we will discover that leaders of all political stripes have more than a little Lenin in them." It is 20 months since "two weeks to flatten the curve," and Canadians' liberties are under siege like never before.

Late last week, three colleagues and I launched the Free North Declaration , a call to defend civil liberties in this country, which lawyers and members of the public are invited to endorse. When the tide comes, we must take the current or lose the country. Please join us in the voyage of our lives.

Please scroll to the end of the article and sign the petition. You do NOT need to be a lawyer, simply a concerned citizen.

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