Court Certified Intelligence Expert Promotes Free Speech and Is Censored by Google


In a twist of irony, Tom Quiggin a court appointed expert and ex military intelligence analyst, who is a strong advocate for free speech, had his account suspended from Google's platform.

For the past 30 years, Tom Quiggin has dedicated himself to intelligence collection and counter terrorism. His reputation precedes him, having being called upon by Senate and the House of Commons on multiple occasions to offer his expert testimony. Tom has testified on both sides of the aisle in criminal and Federal Court cases on terrorism, with his testimony often specializing in source reliability and information credibility.

Due to his line of work Tom helps identify threats to the nation, and to people's freedoms. In a strange turn of events, whilst preparing for his upcoming podcast series, The Quiggin Report, Tom was banned from the Google and Youtube platform. He has had problems with the government before when he used his intelligence skills and expertise to defend Muslims falsely accused of terrorism related offences.

Prior to the Google banning incident Tom had sent a few emails and uploaded some videos to YouTube, which he had not yet published, when his access was completely withdrawn. No sensitive material or offensive language had been used, simply analytical details designed to inform listeners about how their right to freedom of speech is being threatened. Interestingly Google decided arbitrarily this was "hateful" speech and thus should be censored, leading to the account being suspended.

It seems the news of this came as no surprise to Tom.

"Freedom of speech is being threatened by an unholy alliance between government and technology as well as a series of ideologies from the far left and the Islamists."

In recent years, content creators are under increasing threat of having their material removed or their accounts banned, but perhaps Tom is one of the first to have this happen prior to any work being published.

What responsibility does an internet giant like Google have to censor free speech? And at what point should this "protection" being forced upon us, actually need to be defended against?

These are some of the very questions Tom is exploring on his upcoming podcast.

"This podcast is intended to address attacks on free speech as it is our single most important value beyond life itself. Without freedom of speech, every other value or form of freedom will wither away under attack."

With over 3 decades in intelligence collection and analysis, and with a platform as big as Google already trying to quash his voice, you can be assured that this is a podcast to watch out for.

Will The Quiggin Report and Tom be banned from another platform before his podcast can even be released?

According to Tom, "Probably! But in the spirit of this we are making sure the podcast will be available on a number of platforms. Nevertheless I recommend you stay up to date by following our social media networks @quigginreport. We are even on and that actively support free speech, as well as Facebook and Twitter... unless they've banned us already!"

Has something similar happened to you? - If you are concerned about your freedoms being in violation, in particular your freedom of speech, The Quiggin Report may contain the answers you have been looking for.

The Quiggin Report Podcast will launch on March 27th while Tom Quiggin is being interviewed live on National Post Radio, hosted by Sun/Postmedia Columnist & Editor Anthony Furey, on SirriusXM Channel 167. The Quiggin Report is the first independent podcast to be launched on a mainstream media channel.

You can listen to the Quiggin Report Podcast on Apple iTunes, SoundCloud or on Stitcher Radio.

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