Classified Report Reveals 150 Islamist No-Go Zones in France


France is at war. Hundreds are dead. There are soldiers in the streets. 150 occupied territories held by Islamists have been documented. And the collaborators will go on pretending that the whole thing is a massive outbreak of mental illness while urging everyone to pay no attention to the Islamophobes.

Bernard Rougier's The Conquered Territories of Islamism is making waves with its rigorously researched examination of Islamist takeovers of working-class areas. Rougier, an academic expert on Islam, combines blunt rhetoric, "Islamism is a machine to destroy France", with careful analysis and fieldwork. The most provocative sections document the intersections of the red-green alliance, the collaboration of Communists with Islamists, that covertly built up the political influence of Islamists.

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